Now what?

My initial objective was to learn WordPress and spend three months blogging about my Chromebook. I have tried to cover the basics: the Google platform, “What is a Chromebook,” basic word processing, spreadsheets, and how to get Google Drive with the office apps on a Macintosh or PC.

A good book for learning and reference is My Google Chromebook, 3rd edition, by Michael Miller. Your library may have that edition or an earlier one. Chromebook for Dummies by Mark LaFay is also popular. Some libraries or schools offer short courses about the Chromebook, Google Drive, or Google Docs. While the books and classes illustrate the Chromebook hardware, discussions of Google Drive and the office applications apply to Mac and PC platforms as well.

Google forums handle detailed questions related to specific hardware or software, clarify error messages, and have useful tips and tricks for the power user. I have found them helpful, although the first response is not necessarily the best.

The way forward is not clear. If you have suggestions, use the moderated comment field below to contact me.

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