My Chromebook cost about $200 two years ago. It weighs less than three pounds. The battery lasts over 24 hours. The keyboard is designed for touch typists. Software for word processing, spreadsheets, slide show presentations and more is bundled with Google Drive, and free. I love it! I have a tablet and a laptop, but when I travel the only computer I carry is my Chromebook.


A Chromebook(CB) is a computer optimized for use on the Internet. It looks like a laptop PC, with a hinged display that folds over the full-sized keyboard like a clam shell.  However the CB is much simpler than a personal computer, which means that fewer things can go wrong. Based on Google’s Chrome browser, the system connects quickly to web sites.  Startup is immediate. Files are usually stored on Google Drive “in the cloud” and not on your CB. After setup you can use the bundled Docs, Sheets, or Slides applications, and more. You can also arrange to work offline, using many of the email, word processing, spreadsheet, and slideshow features.


Using a computer application(app) effectively is not simply–or even primarily–a matter of learning features, unless your role is computer support. I plan to blog about using the CB as an intelligent assistant when writing. Features will be introduced in relation to tasks such as keeping a journal, timed writing, and recording expenses. I assume that you can send and receive email and play solitaire but are not a power user. Feel free to criticize if I lapse into jargon.

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