May brings to mind birth, rebirth and Mother’s Day–a good time to nurture creativity. I took advantage of a $10 special from Udemy, the Utube academy, to take an online course, “Writing to Heal.” Keeping a journal is one of those activities that I know is worthwhile, but do not pursue regularly. Sometimes my excuse is that I am too tired, too busy or traveling. I have never chosen a particular time or place that I could stick with for more than a few weeks. Using the discipline of a study guide, I hope to create the habit of daily journal writing.

Here is a poem from my chapbook, Sailing into Sunset:

Nature's Parade

Now--right this moment--look! The morning sun,
warm golden bugle calling out the flowers
and I, distracted by the smell of Spring,
forsake the urban world of measured hours
to watch the first parade of early birds
led by a strutting cardinal's cheery trill,
to touch a budding branch, to taste new grass
and soak up sun until the air turns chill.
Time have I stolen from the drill of duty;
the rhythm of the season stirs my blood
to freshen it, as rain the rushing river.
My senses celebrate that surging flood.
As other folk march on their solemn way
I'll gather sunshine for a rainy day.

     --Ann W. Borger