Now retired, I expected to spend mornings writing, afternoons reading and running errands, and evenings socializing with friends or watching television. It has not worked out that way. For one thing, it all takes longer: deciding what to wear, choosing from six variations on a shampoo theme, calling a friend to make dinner plans.

Barrie and I both need more doctors–not only eyes and teeth but also ears, joints and feet require specialized attention. The garbage disposal grinds to a halt, paint wears off near the bathroom sink, and wasps begin a nest over the patio door. If the cable television works, the Internet goes wonky or the phone acquires a background buzz that makes conversation difficult.

Out-of-town friends and relatives visit, or we drive a few hours or days to enjoy time with them. We attend memorial services. We migrate far enough south in winter to avoid snow and treacherous icy sidewalks. On trips I carry books about writing.

This year, 2017,  I decided to set up a WordPress account and learn to blog about the Chromebook, my go-to traveling companion. I expected to spend Saturday mornings reading and writing while my husband of 35 years volunteered at Conner Prairie interactive history park from April through October. His plan, as it turned out, was to have knee replacement surgery in April. In addition to visiting him in the hospital, I drove him to doctors or physical therapy every other day during May.

Mid-June we drove a few hours north to help Mom celebrate her 98th birthday. Barrie resumed his volunteer schedule the weekend before Independence Day. 

Being retired is both better and worse than I imagined. All the chores of life still need attention. Friends move away or die. But from time to time I get to sit down and write.

–Ann W. Borger